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G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Ninja Hovercycle Wave 2 Set

G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Ninja Hovercycle Wave 2 Set. Each bike has two distinct modes-- the first mode is that of a traditional motorcycle. The second mode allows the cycle to be converted or transformed into a hovercraft. The hovercraft transformation is accomplished by rotating the front wheel and brace to a horizontal position. The rear wheel is transformed by swinging the halves of the wheels and swing arm up into a horizontal position. There are also several hidden areas to store weapons for any Sigma Six action figure, not included.

G.I. Joe Sigma Six Ninja Hovercycle Wave 2 Set includes: 1x Snake Eyes Ninja Hovercycle, 1x Storm Shadow Ninja Hovercycle. (Subject to change.)
Sigma 6 is the code name for a new group of covert G.I. Joe operatives with highly specialized capabilities. They use innovative technology and gear designed exclusively for each of their missions. Working against them is the evil Cobra organization, whose goal is to take control of the world by sabotage, espionage and outright destruction. Sigma 6 fights them at every turn and provides a swift solution to critical situations around the globe.

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