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Hover! (Video game)


Hover! is a video game that came bundled with Windows 95. It was a showcase for the advanced multimedia capabilities available on personal computers at the time. While primitive by today's standards, Hover! was a landmark in home computer development.

The game is a variation on capture the flag. The game's help file says this:

"The object is simple: steal all of the drones' flags before the drones capture yours. You will be awarded points for each of the enemy flags you collect, and for every one of your flags you have remaining in the maze when you finish the level ahead of the drones."

The Hover 950 Control Panel

Across the top of the screen is a panel showing the number of flags collected by both player and computer, a rear view mirror, and the player's score.

Across the bottom of the screen is a panel showing how many spring, wall, and cloak power-ups the player has left, the level's map, a speedometer and a compass of sorts, and another panel showing you how much shield, green light, or red light power is left.


There are three different mazes in Hover!: a medieval castle, a futuristic city, and a catacomb. Each maze has its own soundtrack.

The red and blue flags are placed "randomly" on each level each time you play. Within the levels are certain tiles for which you should look out. Tiles with a swirly design will stop you from moving for a time. Tiles with arrows on them and send you flying in the direction it is pointing


Power-ups and other items are found in green floating bubbles throughout the game.

  • A cloud gives you the ability to hide yourself from the drones momentarily.
  • A wall gives you the ability to put a temporary wall behind you, in order to slow a pursuing drone down.
  • A spring gives you the ability to jump over walls and onto platforms.
    A green light temporarily increases your speed.
  • A red light temporarily decreases your speed.
  • A shield makes you temporarily invulnerable to the effects of all "power-downs".
  • A question mark gives you a random item.
  • A "map eraser" looks like a lightning bolt hitting your bottom control panel.
    It erases your map.


hover! craft game screen


You can download and run copy of Hover! by clicking of here.


Download the HOVER! Game (Click on the link)

Unzip HOVER.zip using Winzip.

Double click on HOVER.EXE

Have fun!