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Personal Hovercraft

There are many types of personal hovercraft. They range in size, power, and number of passengers. Personal hovercraft can be bought commercially or homebuilt DIY crafts.

This page lists all the different personal hovercraft that can be built or purchased. The list is broken down by the number of passengers.

Single Person Hover Craft

UH-6F - The Universal Hovercraft UH-6F Trainer is a great project for first time builders. It can be bought in plan or kit form. A UH-6F build can be found here.

UH-10F - The UH-10F Entry Level is great for first time builders and high school technology classes. Builders get hands-on experience in woodworking, fiberglass, small engines, and propellers. The Burden Brothers Hovercraft is a UH-10F.

Pegasus - The Pegasus is a hovercraft vehicle made for educational purposes. The plans could have been purchased from an article in the January 1984 issue of Popular Mechanics. A lawn mower engine is used for lift. People would also often duct a chain saw engine to the back of the craft to give it a larger amount of thrust. Robert Q. Riley created the plans that can be ordered off his website.

The Airboard (also know as the Hover Scooter) claims to be the first commercially-marketed single-person hovercraft/hoverboard. But this is in dispute. More information can be found here.


Universal Hovercraft

R.Q. Riley



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