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Transformers is the name of a line of toys produced largely by Takara and sold outside of Japan by Hasbro from 1984 onwards. There have also been a number of spin-offs based on the toys including a Marvel comic book series, an animated television series that began airing in 1984 (Transformers series) and a feature-length movie, Transformers: The Movie. The original series was followed by a number of spin-offs with varying levels of popularity.
A Transformer is an intelligent robot (usually a large humanoid, though there are many exceptions such as animal forms) that is able to "transform", reconfiguring itself into a common and innocuous form, such as a car, airplane or animal. The taglines "More Than Meets the Eye" and "Robots in Disguise" reflect this ability.

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Transformers Cybertron Scout Wave 8.

Includes 12 individually packaged Transformers: 2x Giant Planet Mini-Con Team: Deepdive, Longarm, & Overcast (Submarine, Truck, Plane), 1x Ransack GTS (Motorcycle), 1x Shortround (hovercraft), 1x Repugnus (Red Dinosaur), 1x Scrapmetal (Red Spider Tank), 1x Lugnutz (Motorcycle), 1x Brushguard, 1x Swindle (Yellow Jeep), 1x Wreckloose (Lizard), 1x Backstop (Rhino), 1x Street Speed Minicon Team (Backtrack, Oval, Spiral).