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Hovercraft Plan

If you are looking to build a DIY hovercraft you need to first determine what type you would like to build. Are you looking to build a small toy type craft or a larger craft to carry a person. If you want to build a larger craft, how many people do you want it to carry?


Make a DIY hovecraft from an old CD.

How to build a hovercraft with a leafblower lift engine.

CD Hovercraft for tabletop hockey. Another example for making a hovercraft from an old CD, a balloon, and a soda bottle top.

Make magazine has a weekend project for building a hovercraft using a leaf blower. You can download the pdf instructions.

The human hockey puck. Check out this link for some free plans on how tou build your own hovercraft.

There are two seperate plans for personal hovercraft at this site.

Hovercraft Science Project.

Are you interested in racing?

You may want to look at the section on design, or even sales before you begin. It might be easier or cheaper to purchase a hovercraft than build them.

Plan for Purchase

One of the best places for plans is Universal Hovercraft. They have been in the business of selling plans for many years.

You can also purchase plans to build a Sevtec. Designed by Barry Palmer, he uses the term Service Effect Vehicle. His plans are differrent and are not as popular. SevTec.


Links to other great sites.

HobbyTron.com Mini Stunt Car -- Free Shipping
National Geographic Kids Shop